Blog Entry # 4

The Fourth Year’s Exhibit (Museo de Tomaso)

For me, I can say that the Fourth Year’s exhibit is a very good one. It makes you feel like you’re in a mini museum, and one can really see that they put a lot of effort and allotted time to make their exhibit successful.

The design was good; the decorations, the props, and even the lighting was also very nice. It can make one feel like they’re in a different time zone. Perhaps there were a few flaws, but nevertheless, it was a really good exhibit. I enjoyed it myself! :) good job Thomasians! :D 

Blog Entry # 2

One of the plays that I have watched is entitled “Kaos.” We watched it in the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila. It was a very good play and had a lot of different acts. There was magic, acrobatics, and real animals like the lion and the tiger (we took a picture with it xp). It was actually a musical and revolves around the story of the prince finding his one true love. Kind of like Cinderella. 

Blog Entry # 5

   Robin Hood is an archer/soldier who fought for England against France under King Richard’s reign. When the King died, he and the merry men brought home the crown of the King to Lady Eleanor and then proceeded to Nottingham where he lived as Sir Walter Loxley’s late son, Robert. But after aiding the Englishmen in battle and fought side by side with King John, the Englishmen surrendered to him rather than to their own King. Because of his insecurity to Robin, he therefore cast him as an outlaw of their country. But his bravery and determination and at the same time his love for Marion Loxley remained pure in his heart and he believes that the adventure has just begun.

   The Robin Hood in literature and the film both portrays Robin as an outlaw and often hunts in Sherwood forests but did not portray him as a thief like the one in literature. In the film, his motivation was to get rid of the French and bring peace to England. Also, in literature, Robin didn’t get the beautiful maiden and was instead married to a rich man named Allin-a-Dale. But in the film he lived with the love of his life, Marion Loxley.

   I think what the film is trying to tell us is that our society nowadays is both chaotic and topsy-turvy primarily because of the corrupt government and the continuous increase of the crime rate. Many innocents are accused of while the ones truly guilty are oftentimes the ones hiding behind their own masks pretending to be dedicated to the society.

   If Robin Hood were alive today, I think he’d try to run for presidency and replace all the corrupt officials in the government with those who can truly be trusted by the people. Officials who’ll work for the people.

Blog # 4

The Pardoner’s Tale

(in a modern version)

One night, in a small town, three criminologists entered a bar to drink wine in celebration for their graduation. The first one looked to be about 21, the second 18, while the third looked 17. While enjoying their drinks, they overheard that a young man not older than 14 got murdered last night. Rumor has it that a strange man passed that street in the very witching hour of the night. The young man was crying. It was weird, actually. After the strange man left, they just found the youngster dead. Seeing as this was an opportunity to test their knowledge about crimes, the three men decided to investigate secretly on the crime. During that night, they discreetly strolled down the street of the crime scene. Suddenly, they came across a strange man. Upon seeing them, the stranger asked them if they wanted to make a fortune. Seeing as this was weird, they talked for a moment among themselves. They decided to interrogate the man because it’s very odd to encounter a man at the very witching hour of the night. And what’s worse is, his features were like what the bartender said an hour ago about the stranger last night. But when they all turned their heads, the man was gone. Suddenly, they saw an eerie light, not far from where they were standing and decided to take a closer look. It led them in a forest, a small forest. What they saw wasn’t light, it was gleaming gold. They diverted their attention from their first purpose and planned on taking the gold for their own. But they wanted more. The oldest decided that the gold should be his and his only. But the other two disagreed and soon enough they were fighting. At that very moment the youngest stepped in and told them to come to their senses. It wasn’t gonna do them any good. So, they just decided to donate it to an orphanage and were therefore rewarded by the town’s mayor.


"Radix malorum est cupiditas" (‘Money is the root of all evil’)

The Musician (Blog Entry # 3)

There was a musician… she always carries with her a flute. But no, no, that’s not the only instrument she can play. She knows how to play the guitar piano well too. She was a certified music lover. Everywhere she goes, she makes sure that the silence will be broken by her music. The sweet, gentle keys of the piano can make the people want to rest… the calm, relaxing sound of her flute makes the listeners want to sleep…. and the upbeat tone of her guitar makes the crowd want to sing and dance with her. That’s how powerful she was…

Blog Entry # 2

Here is my favorite song: I Won’t Give Up… originally by Jason Mraz:

And here is a cover of Jayesslee:

Comparing and Contrasting:

Original Music Video vs. Cover

I loved the way Jason Mraz and Jayesslee sings because they’re one of my fave singers of this generation. They both did touching music videos and gave me GOOSEBUMPS.. haha!

I was moved by Jason’s music video but I liked Jayesslee’s music video more. Speaking of how it was sung, I liked Jason’s original version but Jayesslee’s blending of voices was good but I believe that ‘nothing beats the original’. =)

That’s all! Happy watching! B)


Kame Hame Wave!


Kame Hame Wave!

(Source: ericaiiish)


There was once a warrior named Beowulf who lived among the Geats. 

It was a merry night… a night when the people of Heorot rejoiced…

But one monster changed everything…. Grendel…. a descendant from the tribe of Cain… once the soldiers were already fast asleep, he snatched 30 men and killed them ALL.

Knowing this, the king of the Danes, King Hrothgar, summoned Beowulf to hunt down Grendel and slay him. A few days after they arrived, Hrothgar’s men gave place to the Geats and led them to a feast. 

The feast ends, and all the soldiers including Beowulf’s men fall asleep. Then, Grendel came and was prepared to kill again. But, Beowulf came and they had a really fierce battle. Grendel was able to escape but was already severely wounded, a sign that Beowulf was triumphant in slaying the monster.

The people rejoiced and hung the monster’s arms. But one night, the monster’s mother came and stole it.

To end the people’s doubt and the evil that surrounds them, Beowulf dives into a deep lake, the lake like hell…. the lair of Grendel and his mother…

He battles the water witch, but the witch was fast and cunning as if she knew his every move. She was about to win, but then, Beowulf saw his only hope… a giant sword blessed with the giant’s magic… 

It was a 50-50 chance that the witch might die, and, like a miracle, it surprisingly did!

Then, all is well at Heorot again. Beowulf went back to the Geats and reigned for many years…

Until the day that his final battle comes…. he must battle a dragon who is mad because a jeweled cup was stolen from his jeweled treasures. He succeeds but was deeply wounded and was already an old man. He died peacefully and was praised by his people…

Story told as King Hrothgar… :)

A pic of me at school playing my guitar… I think the song that I was playing was It Will Rain by Bruno Mars…

A pic of me at school playing my guitar… I think the song that I was playing was It Will Rain by Bruno Mars…

A picture of me when my hair was still layered…

A picture of me when my hair was still layered…